Animotive is a professional 3D animation production tool that harnesses the power of off-the-shelf VR headsets, allowing users to create 3D animated content for any medium at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional workflows. Performers can embody 3D characters, allowing them to see and act from the character's point of view whilst interacting directly in real-time with other remote actors. Creatives can collaborate remotely, and use the technology to create, edit, and adjust animated content within a completely intuitive workflow, allowing rapid iteration and adjustment at all stages of a production. Users can use their own 3D assets, and scenes can be exported in real-time for Film, TV, Video, Games, and VR/AR. Animotive can deliver huge real-world savings when compared with traditional 3D animation production workflows.

Working in partnership with HTC, support has been added for the new, compact Vive Trackers and the Vive Facial Tracker. When used in conjunction with the Vive Pro Eye VR headset, Animotive offers robust body capture and full facial capture - all while wearing a headset - taking affordable performance capture to the next level and proving anyone can be an animator.

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The video below was rendered in Animotive in realtime (and the capture data has had no clean-up).