Animotive is a pro 3D animation production tool with remote collaboration that delivers significant real-world savings when compared to traditional workflows.

It harnesses the power of off-the-shelf VR headsets, to allow users to quickly create their own 3D animated content in a virtual environment. 

  • Performers embody 3D characters and can interact directly with other remote actors

  • Users can collaborate remotely to create and adjust their content within a completely intuitive workflow that’s like standing together on a live-action set

  • 3D sets, characters, props and scenes can be seamlessly imported and exported for film, TV, video and games

​When used in conjunction with Vive Pro Eye VR headsets and Xsens mo-cap suits, Animotive offers robust body capture and full facial capture - all while wearing a headset - taking affordable performance capture and collaboration to the next level. 

Finally anyone can be an animator.

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The video below was rendered in Animotive in realtime (and the capture data has had no clean-up).