The true power of Virtual Reality (VR) is that it can transport people anywhere. Cinematic VR (360 video) captures real places and real people, putting the viewer in the middle of the story. This is where our background in TV is key, our experience in telling stories allows us to push the boundaries of this 360 medium getting the most out of subjects and stories to create unforgettable immersive experiences.  

Cinematic VR requires specialised 360 cameras that allows a whole scene to be captured at once, arguable making VR the most challenging medium for storytelling, there’s no camera to hide behind and requires a specialised post-production process. Retinize has in-depth experience of creating cinematic VR with our own in-house production team and facilities to meet any ambitious project from idea through to delivery.



We also have a full VR | 360 live multi-camera streaming service for any kind of event, including live integrated graphics and video feeds. Live streaming in VR | 360 to any compatible device/headset offers you the opportunity to widen your audience and enables those who missed out on tickets to experience those unmissable moments that only a live concert or sports event can bring.

Retinize creates Cinematic VR content for a range of platforms with an in-house development team that can deliver bespoke apps for standalone events or published on all major app stores.


Cinematic Virtual Reality 

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