We are one of Europe’s fastest-growing Immersive Media studios...

...best known for our award-winning Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Multi-Screen Immersive installations. 


At heart, we’re storytellers who are committed to harnessing the potential of immersive technology to create new forms of human engagement​.


Our mission is to create compelling content that stretches the boundaries of the imagination.

Our roots and reputations lie in high-end Film & Television

We spun out of Wild Rover Productions, one of Ireland’s leading independent TV producers.


Our CEO, Phil Morrow, spent over 25 years in the global Film & TV industry, creating and producing hit shows for the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, ABC and CBS amongst others.

We are engaged in an ambitious programme of R&D...

...with the support of our investor partners, TechStart Ventures.  Harnessing the power of immersive technology to develop revolutionary software products.



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2 Crescent Gardens



United Kingdom


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