We are one of Europe’s fastest-growing Immersive-tech


...working across AR, VR, multi-screen installations and software development. 

We built our global reputation creating immersive experiences for major brands, collecting several international awards along the way. 

Our roots and reputations lie in

high-end Film & Television

At heart, we’re experienced creatives with an intimate knowledge of the techniques required to harness immersive-tech to liberate the creative process.


We started life as a division of Wild Rover Productions, one of Ireland’s leading independent TV producers.


Our CEO, Phil Morrow, spent over 30 years in the global Film & TV industry, creating and producing hit shows for the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, ABC and CBS, amongst others.

For the past few years we’ve been in stealth mode...

...with the support of our investor partners, TechStart Ventures,  

developing Animotive - an innovative VR SaaS product set to disrupt the 3D animation production pipeline, making it completely intuitive. 

Animotive allows anyone to be an animator.